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Main Seats:

 Palyul Monastery

Bylakuppe, South India:
 Namdroling Monastery
 Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling Nunnery
 Ngagyur Nyingma Institute
 Samten Osel Ling, Three-year Retreat Center

Courses & Degree Certificates

NOTE: Fluent Tibetan is required for entrance into courses.

During the first four years, the course covers five large Madhyamaka texts, two Abhidharma, three Tibetan language texts and several minor ones. Therefore, the student is considered to have finished Lower Sutra Course with stress laid upon Madhyamaka and Abhidharma studies. He is conferred the certificate and degree equivalent to an Associate's Degree with the title, "Thadrel Mrawai Wangchuk" (Great Expounder of the Middle Way). There are not any Chorjang (Revision Classes) after completing the fourth year. The student can be appointed as a Chorpon (Revision Master or Assistant Teacher) depending upon his personal virtue and academic standard.

In the fifth and sixth year, the course deals with the five works of Maitreya, Dharmakirti's Pramana Vritti and many others. An extensive study of Six Perfections with more emphasis on the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) is done. After passing the sixth year, the student is said to have finished Upper Sutra Course and is conferred the degree equivalent to regular B.A. with the title, "Tharchin Rabjampa" (Master of Perfection)

The last three years of study cover texts on Vinaya and Vajrayana teachings. Guna Prabha's Vinaya treatise, Guhya Garbha Tantra, Longchen and Jigmed Lingpa's works constitute the major subjects of this section of the course called the Higher Tantra Course. After passing the ninth year thereby graduating from the Institute, the student is conferred the degree equivalent to regular MA with the title "Ngesang Lekshed Zöthchang" (Holder of the Treasury of Esoteric Doctrine). The scholar is henceforth referred to as Lopen becoming equal to a lecturer in status and can also be ceremoniously appointed as a Khenpo depending upon personal virtue and qualifications.

After completing the taught course in the Institute, the student can undertake a research study in any field of choice if he wishes. The student must complete the research study by submitting his dissertation or thesis and if he qualifies both as an erudite scholar and earnest practitioner, he is conferred the highest degree equivalent to Ph.D. with the title, "Do ngag Tenpai Nyinjed" (the Elucidator of Sutra and Tantra teachings).

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