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Fire Female Pig Year 2134
Practice Calendar

The following is a list of the year's special practice days for Western Calendar, 2007-8. Please note, Western Hemisphere
3rd Month            
8th Day, 3rd Month     April 24     Medicine Buddha Day
10th Day, 3rd Month     April 26     Guru Rinpoche Day (Guru Pema Dorjé Tsal)
14th Day, 3rd Month     May 1    


14th Day, 3rd Month     May 3    

Anniversary of Tertön Migyur Dorje

25th Day, 3rd Month     May 12     Dakini Day
29th Day, 3rd Month     May 15    

Dharmapala Day

30th Day, 3rd Month     May 16    

Shakyamuni Buddha Day, Sojong

4th Month           SAGA DAWA
8th Day, 3rd Month     May 24     Medicine Buddha Day; Beginning of Kama Drubchen
10th Day, 4th Month     May 26     Guru Rinpoche Day (Guru Pema Dorjé Tsal)
14th Day, 4th Month     May 30    


15th Day, 4th Month     May 31    

Saga Dawa Düchen, Anniversary of the Buddha's Enlightenment and Parinirvana; Amitabha Buddha Day; Full Moon

25th Day, 4th Month     June 10     Dakini Day
29th Day, 4th Month     June 14    

Anniversary of Mipham Rinpoche; Sojong

30th Day, 4th Month     June 15    

Shakyamuni Buddha Day

5th Month            
8th Day, 5th Month     June 22     Medicine Buddha Day
10th Day, 5th Month     June 25     Guru Rinpoche Day (Guru Sengé Dradok)
14th Day, 5th Month     June 29    


15th Day, 5th Month     June 30    

Dzam Ling Chi Sang, Amitabha Buddha Day, Full Moon

19th Day, 5th Month     July 4    

For one week from today, until July 11, refrain from treatments, aquatic works and marriages

24th Day, 5th Month     July 9     Dakini Day
29th Day, 5th Month     July 13    

Dharmapala Day, Sojong

30th Day, 5th Month     July 14    

Shakyamuni Buddha Day, New Moon

6th Month            
4th Day, 6th Month     July 18     Chökhur Düchen: First Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma seven weeks after the Enlightenment of the Buddha, at Sarnath.
8th Day, 6th Month     July 22     Medicine Buddha Day
10th Day, 6th Month     July 24     Guru Rinpoche Day (Guru Tsokyé Dorje)
14th Day, 6th Month     July 29    


15th Day, 6th Month     July 30    

Amitabha Buddha Day, Full Moon

18th Day, 6th Month     Aug. 1     Nyi Nak
25th Day, 6th Month     Aug. 8     Dakini Day
29th Day, 6th Month     Aug. 11    

Dharmapala Day

30th Day, 6th Month     Aug. 12    

Shakyamuni Buddha Day, Sojong, New Moon

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