Please note the following important points when completing the form:
- Line 12 – References: Part (a): List your center reference. Part (b): List Lopon Kunga Dorji or Lopon Pema Namgyal
- Line 13. You will not be required to follow this exact itinerary.
- Line 14 – Indian Visa: If applying through the Tibet Bureau and you don’t yet have your Indian Visa write, “Have applied for visa. Not yet received”. Your PAP application will still be processed without Visa details, but you will need a visa.
- Line 15 – Places proposed to be visited: Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppe, India
- Line 16 – Route intended to be followed: List your expected arrival point in India (such as Delhi).
- Line 17 – Purpose of visit: Write: “To attend religious teachings at Namdroling Monastery [dates planned here]”. If you are applying for an extended PAP (longer than a month) you should add a second reason forth longer duration. DO NOT say you are going as a tourist!
- Line 18 – Likely date of visit: List the date you want the PAP to begin (for example: 15 November 2013).
- Line 19 – Likely duration of visit: You can apply for up to one year through the Tibet Bureau and MHA. Apply for a period longer than you need in case your arrangements change. The permit through the District Commissioner in Dharamsala is for one month but you are able to renew.
- Line 20 – Is anyone accompanying the applicant: If you don’t have these details, it is not necessary to list them here.
- Line 21 – Arrangements for travel: If you don’t have these details, it’s not necessary to list them here.
- Line 22 – Details of previous visits to India: List the approximate dates of any previous visits to India. At the bottom of the form add:

Your phone number in India, if any

Your signature — even if you are submitting your application by email. Print the form, sign it, scan it, and then email the scan. Usually you will need to submit your application by hard copy via courier.