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Short Biography of Khenpo Wangchuk Sonam

Khenpo Wangchuk Sonam One of the most-respected of Namdroling's teachers, the late Khenpo Wangchuk Sonam graduated from Ngagyur Nyingma Institute ("Shedra") in 1989. He taught at the institute for many years and was also sent to Taipei in Taiwan to benefit disciples there.

Khen Rinpoche passed away on May 4, 2008, at 10 AM in the morning. It is said that he had very good signs upon his passing. Many shedra graduates hold him in their hearts with love, respect and gratitude for the teachings they received in the classes he lead. His short biography in Mandarin and English follows:

堪布 旺秋索南仁波切簡傳

Khenpo Wangchuk Sonam Short Biography

堪布 旺秋索南仁波切是寧瑪派白玉傳承領袖 貝諾法王的主要弟子,亦是法王座下的五大堪布之一;自十多年前由法王親自為之昇座以後,長久執教於南卓林寺內之前譯派寧瑪佛學院,教授高年級密續法教。

Khenpo Wangchuk Sonam is the disciple of Nyingmapa Palyul lineage throne holder His Holiness Penor Rinpoche; he also is one of the five significant Khenpos under His Holiness’s guidance. Since enthroned by His Holiness more than 10 years ago, he had taught Tantra courses to senior students at Ngagyur Nyingma Institute of Namdroling Monastery.


Khen Rinpoche emphasized both academic pursuits and dharma practice while upholding high moral conduct. He had become one of the major masters within Namdroling Monastery that students would request oral transmissions of main Sutra and Tantra teachings.

每年寺院內戒期, 堪布仁波切亦常隨 法王左右擔任戒師,協助 法王傳授比丘戒、沙彌戒、沙彌尼戒。

Every year during the ordination ceremony in the monastery, Khen Rinpoche was often by His Holiness and served as the existing preceptor to assist His Holiness in giving full ordinations, novices vows and novices nigoria vows.

堪布仁波切戒行清淨,因此南卓林寺現今之蓮師紀念大殿、銅色德山宮〈桑多巴利‧蓮師剎土〉、包括新建之八大佛塔(寺院內總計有十六座)的大型裝贜工程與加持修法,皆是由 堪布仁波切負責完成。此工作非一般僧眾所能為之,必須嫺熟裝贜儀規,並且閉關完成特殊修法,方能任此重責。

Khen Rinpoche was in charge of the completion of Zangdogpalri Pema Odkyi Phodrang Temple (Lotus Light Palace of Guru Padmasambhava on the Glorious Copper-Colored Mountain) and the consecration ceremonies of Eight Stupas (there are total 16 Stupas in the monastery). Only those familiar with every detail of consecration rituals and who have accomplished particular retreats and practices are able to take on such a great responsibility.

If you would like to remember Khen Rinpoche in your practice, please click on his portrait. You can download a printable size image from the link.


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Note: these are the only biographies of khenpos available at the moment. More to come!

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