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Recent Years
HH Penor Rinpoches with pink tulipsYear after year, with inexhaustible energy and determination, Penor Rinpoche kept working, oblivious to the numerous obstacles and hardships that confronted him. At Namdroling monastery, he established the following traditions: Sojong, the bi-monthly purification ceremony; Yarne, the rainy season retreat; Gaye, the special practice performed at the conclusion of Yarne; Terton Karma Lingpa's "One Thousand Offerings to the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities," the Vajrasattva Accomplishment Offering Ceremony; Terton Ratna Lingpa's Vajrakilaya to expel negativity at the end of the old year; the Drupchen of One Hundred Million Recitations using different mandalas each year; the Anu Yoga Offering Drupchen of Tsokchen Dupa; the Great Dharma Medicine Accomplishment (Mendrup) Ceremony and many others. During one of the Mendrup rituals Penor Rinpoche was conducting, the practice of Nyingtik Palchen Dupa, a number of monks saw rainbows around the mandala and nectar overflowing from the skull cup.

In 1983 after he returned to India from his first trip to Tibet after exile, he printed and distributed hundreds of copies of the complete Namchö and Ratna Lingpa revelations which he had acquired. In 1984 he gave the first empowerments of the Namchö and Ratna Lingpa revelations in India. He also re-established the Namchö tradition of the annual one month preliminary practice retreat, the 44 day tummo tsalung retreat and the clear light tögal retreat.

In 1985 at the request of Gyaltrul Rinpoche, he gave the empowerments of the Namchö revelations at Yeshe Nyingpo's retreat center Tashi Chöling for the first time in the West. In his US tour in 1988 he gave the Nyingma Kama empowerments and at the request of Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, he gave the Rinchen Terdzö empowerments at Kunzang Palyul Chöling in Maryland, also for the first time in the West.

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